• Carbon footprint

    • The amount of CO2 required to produce a device AND during its lifetime disposal
  • Anthropogenic CO2 is a contributor to rapid climate change

  • Datacenters make up 2% of global energy use

  • Using Google services for a month produces the same amount of carbon emission as driving your car for a mile.

  • A Google search releases about 1g of carbon dioxide, and they receive about 99,000 searches per second as of 2022

  • Mining of metals causes massive environmental destruction

Resources required to make tech devices

  • Gold - Printed Circuit Boards, CPU connectors/fingers
  • Silver - PCBs, CPUs, keyboard membranes
  • Platinum - HDDs, circuit board components
  • Palladium - HDDs, Circuit board components
  • Copper - CPU heat sinks, wiring and cables, computer chips
  • Nickel - circuit board components
  • Cobalt - HDDs, batteries
  • Tantalum - Circuit board components and capacitors
  • Aluminium
  • Tin
  • Zinc
  • Neodymium