• Set corporate objectives
    • Determine what should be done to accomplish them
      • Implement the plan
        • Monitor and evaluate the results

Implementing strategy

  • Plan what and who is needed where and when
  • Setting clear standards
  • Organise resources
  • Co-ordinate what has to happen
  • Ensure right people
  • Establish review points


  • Make clear
  • Gain support of other managers
  • Ensure resources are in place
  • Communication: support from stakeholders and reduces distrust
  • Reward and appraisal
  • Design systems to review

Hierarchy, span and form of structure

  • Functional
  • Product
  • Regional
  • Matrix

Types of Plan in Business

  • Strategic
    • Sets out the overall direction for the business in broad scope
  • Business
    • The actions that a business will take to achieve corporate objectives
  • Operational
    • Details how each objective is to be achieved
    • Specifies what senior management expects from specific departments or functions