Factors affecting biodiversity

  • Deforestation: reduces the number of trees which in turn reduces the number of animals due to habitat and food loss. Some animals are forced to migrate.
  • Agriculture: clearing land to rear/grow animals
    • removal of hedgerows
    • use of pesticides/herbicides
    • monoculture
  • Climate: melting of polar ice caps
    • rising sea levels (flooding, salt water)
    • higher temperatures
    • less rainfall
    • insect lifecycles, pollination

Reasons to maintain biodiversity

Aesthetic- encriches life - allows faster recovery - provides inspiration
Economic- deforestation can lead to soil erosion, causing desertification and loss of fertile land - non-sustainable removal leads to industry collapse - massive destruction - leads to important species going extinct before discovery - high diversity leads to increased tourism
Ecological- all organisms are interdependent upon each other - some species are invoilved in maintaining the whole ecosystem