• At the bottom of the pyramid, points are required
  • Towards the top, points are more optional

  • A simple example of how to approach CSR
  • Public limited companies must have a CSR report
  • CSR is built on the foundation of profit, which is why Economic is at the base of the pyramid

Main responsibilities


  • Responsibility of the business to be profitable
  • Only way to benefit society in the long term
  • Responsibility to obey laws and other regulations


  • Responsibility to act morally and ethically
  • Going beyond the narrow requirements of the law


  • Responsibility to give back to society
  • Discretionary but still important

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Easy to understand
  • Simple message
  • Emphasis on importance of profit


  • Perhaps too simplistic
  • Should ethics be at the top?
  • Subjective/ liable to greenwashing
  • Possibly just window dressing