Forms of Promotion

  • Advertising
  • Packaging
  • Sales (Discounts)
  • Sponsorships
  • Free samples/trials
  • Limited availability
  • Social Media

Aims of promotion

  • Inform—make sure people know it exists

  • Remind—remind them that it’s still available

  • Persuade—them to buy it

  • The main aim of promotion is to ensure that customers are aware of the existence and positioning of products

  • Promotion is also used to persuade customers that the product is better than competing products and to remind customers about why they may want to buy.

Above and below the line

  • Above the line
    • Mass media is used to promote brands and reach out to customers
  • Below the line
    • More one to one and perhaps tailored to specific consumers such as merchandising at the point of sale or direct selling

Public Relations

Public relations activities are those that create goodwill toward an individual, business, cause or product.


  • Takes place when a payment for an event, person, organisation is given in return for some consideration of benefit
  • A specialised form of public relations
  • Common in the worlds of arts and sport
  • Sponsorship should benefit both sides

Direct Marketing

Promotional material directed through mail, email, social media or phone to individuals or businesses.

Technological Impact on Direct Marketing

  • Cookies and various digital tracking systems allow highly targeted advertising
  • Viral marketing