• This page is used to track my Fedora packaging projects. Some smaller projects will not be tracked. If you have questions or issues, please contact saluki @ fedoraproject.org

In Progress

Jless (Rust)

  • jless is a command-line JSON viewer designed for reading, exploring, and searching through JSON data.
  • https://jless.io/
  • Currently, this is on hold. I have packaged what I can and am waiting for PRs to be submitted/approved currently.

Lazygit (Go)

Yq (Go)

  • a lightweight and portable command-line YAML, JSON and XML processor. yq uses jq like syntax but works with yaml files as well as json, xml, properties, csv and tsv. It doesn’t yet support everything jq does - but it does support the most common operations and functions, and more is being added continuously.
  • https://github.com/mikefarah/yq
  • All missing dependencies have been submitted for review.

Zellij (Rust)

To Investigate

  • I haven’t formally started working on any of these, but I am interested and plan to see if these are possible in future.

awscli-plugin-endpoint (python)

Gum (Go)

Icdiff (Python)

Pending Reviews

Pending Updates

  • These are either new packages making their way to the repositories, or updates to existing packages undergoing QA.
  • If there is a package you want updated or added sooner, consider providing feedback.
  • Updates

Live Packages