1. The local community would stand to benefit from Roxio’s offerings. The availability of food, clothing, electronics and other basic items would improve the quality of life in the local area. This would encourage the community to support the opening of a new store. Whilst there may be drawbacks, such as traffic influxes and rubbish management issues - these will probably be seen as worth it for the availability of more amenities and essentials. A large factor that may impact the community views on this proposition is the presence of local businesses that are involved in similar markets to Roxio. If there are a few small, independent shops in the town or village, then Roxio may be viewed as being monopolistic by trying to dominate the market. However, it may be that there is a severe lack of shops, or that the market overlap is not absolute - which would result in Roxio still being able to enter the area without causing friction with the locals.

  2. Whilst Roxio does initially need to please shareholders, they shouldn’t overlook the other stakeholders, nor their combined power. Individually, the shareholders have the most influence over the business, but the customers and employees are both vital to it being able to function, and either group could cease operation of the business. Therefore, it is important for Roxio to prioritize the needs and wants of all of their stakeholders proportionately. Only by properly understanding where people stand with relation to the business will Roxio be able to develop their plans. Therefore, Roxio should listen to the complaints of the local communities that they are looking to enter, and instead of ignoring them, they should take steps to meet a compromise. If they appear as a human organisation rather than a robotic one, people will be more likely to accept their presence, even if they initially opposed it.

Furthermore, the government is a powerful entity that could have a massive impact on the business. Roxio should take steps to ensure that the government concerns about their market share do not result in any major action against the company. Again, this will likely result in compromise such as them having to slow their growth plans to fall below the radar of government monitoring agencies.

In conclusion, the shareholders are only one stakeholder group - in a business the size of Roxio’s it is important that they are taking appropriate time to understand and meet the needs of all of their stakeholders. Whilst they may choose their shareholders as priority #1, they cannot be priority 1/1.