Intracellular/Extracellular enzymes

Extracellular enzymes

  • Released from cells
  • Used to digest food
  • Required to use polymers for nutrition
  • Single-celled organisms release extracellular enzymes into their immediate environment

Intracellular enzymes

  • Act within cells
  • Synthesis of polymers from monomers
  • Destroy toxins such as hydrogen peroxide

Digestion reactions

Digestion of Starch

  • Starch polymers are broken down into maltose (disaccharide) by amylase from pancreas and salivary glands
  • Maltose broken into glucose by maltase in small intestines
  • Glucose absorbed into blood

Digestion of Proteins

  • Trypsin is a form of protease
  • Catalyses proteins smaller peptides

Main reaction types

Anabolic Reactions

  • Building up reactions
  • Combining two reactants into one product
  • Protein synthesis

Catabolic Reactions

  • Breaking down
  • Food digestion
  • Breaking one reactant into two products